torsdag 29. september 2011

Metrocon teaser

Versatile Jar (Silje and I) are back! For Metrocon in Stavanger this time. We are in production mode at the moment and having lots of fun with it! We will have a small art stand with things like amigurmi keychains, buttons (hopefully) prints, cards, hairclips, other random stuff that we enjoy making, as well as the super popular handmade cat ears we made for Desucon last year! I'm looking forwards to it loads, and I expect you will see a few work in project posts in the time up to the con.

Super fun times will be had by all!:D

Here is a small bad cellphone picture of some of my what I have produced so far.

Hope to se loads of people at the con. Come, come one and all!

- Vera